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PostSpeaker is the only social media sharing tool that posts your content automatically to the social media accounts of your ambassadors. With PostSpeaker you harness the power of word-of-mouth and save money, time and frustration.

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Harness the power of Word-to-Mouth

‘Word of mouth is the best medium of all.’ In the era of social media word-of-mouth is more powerful than ever.

Let your ambassadors share your content

A message spread by employees, customers, fans, volunteers or other ambassadors will build more trust than any ad can ever do. Imagine that they all share every piece of your content.

Your content shared automatically

Getting your content shared can be harsh. Imagine that it comes naturally, that you don’t have to encourage your ambassadors to share. Because they can share on autopilot.

Forget about the hassle. Let your ambassadors share on autopilot

With PostSpeaker you don’t have to ask your ambassadors every time again to share your content. All they have to do is opt-in once and you’re ready to go.

Convince yourself:

  • Boosts your company’s social media reach.
  • Saves you money on paid promotion.
  • Saves you time, effort and frustration.
  • You have full control over content and timing.
  • 100% Certainty that your messages will be shared.

Convince your ambassadors:

  • Opt in once, share on autopilot.
  • Choose which social network to connect.
  • Every post can be viewed, edited or rejected.
  • Able to disconnect every social network at any time.
  • Login data remains private.
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