Features to get your content shared without the hassle.

PostSpeaker is a social media sharing tool that posts your content automatically to the social media accounts of your ambassadors. With PostSpeaker you harness the power of word-of-mouth and save money, time and frustration.

1 Invite

Invite your promoters to opt in their social media accounts. Add new promoters to a campaign. They can easily opt in and out at any time.

2 Compose

Choose your campaign, select the social network(s) you want to post to and compose your message. By scheduling your posts ahead, you give your promoters time to review.

3 Publish

Your messages gets automatically published to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages. If a promoter rejected it, your message won't get published to his or her account(s).


Easily opt in and out

Promoters can always control which social networks they make available for publishing. They simply turn networks on and off to enable or disable posting.

PostSpeaker - Full control over opt-ins

Users can always control which social networks are available for publishing via PostSpeaker. Simply turn networks on and off to enable or disable posting.

Nothing is published without the knowledge of the promoters

Promoters maintain control over what is being published on their social media. They can view, edit or reject any message.

PostSpeaker - Nothing gets published without your consent

Your promoters will be notified

PostSpeaker - Get notified

Your promoters automatically receive email notifications when new content is scheduled to be posted on their social media, enabling them to review and maintain control.

Unified Publishing

PostSpeaker - Unified Messaging and Publishing

With PostSpeaker your posts won’t get lost in the noise of social media. You easily publish the same content to all connected networks and pages. As a result, your promoters’ friends, connections and followers are more likely to take notice.

The most popular social networks

PostSpeaker supports Facebook pages, Twitter and LinkedIn.

PostSpeaker - Increase social media reach


Use projects to organise your users and messages. For example you can create a project per client, per department or branch. For agencies, projects are a powerful way to seperate clients.

PostSpeaker - Social Media Projects

Per project you can set

  • doneTeam members.
  • doneSocial media accounts
  • doneRoles
  • doneMessages

Analytics & Attribution

Understand exactly who is sharing or rejecting your content, and which channels drive most traffic.

PostSpeaker - Social Media Attribution and Analytics

As a marketeer you need to know which promoters are publishing your content. With PostSpeaker you never have to figure that out again by asking people. PostSpeaker automatically keeps track who shares or rejects your content.

PostSpeaker also keeps track of link clicks on social media. This enables you to understand which posts drive most traffic, and what works and what doesn't.

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