PostSpeaker - The Leading Thunderclap Alternative.

Crowdspeaking is a way to use the power of word-of-mouth by aggregating your ambassadors' social media reach. It helps you to break through the clutter and get your message heard. Both Thunderclap and PostSpeaker are powerful crowdspeaking tools. But PostSpeaker has some very important advantages compared to Thunderclap. The three key advantages are:

1 Send multiple messages

With Thunderclap, for each campaign you have to get supporters again and again. With PostSpeaker you can run multiple campaigns, and publish multiple messages to the same supporters' social media.

2 Always get published

Thunderclap only publishes when you reach a minimum supporter count. PostSpeaker will always get your message published.

3 Link back to anywhere

With Thunderclap you must link your campaign to a landing page on their site. PostSpeaker allows you to link to anywhere, like your own website. So you get the traffic and not Thunderclap.

Not convinced? Check the full comparison below.

Thunderclap PostSpeaker
Send only a single message. Send multiple messages and campaigns.
Get permission for only a single message. Get permission to send multiple messages.
Only link back to a Thunderclap hosted landing page. Link your message to anywhere, like your website.
Drive traffic to Thunderclap. Drive traffic to your website.
Message gets published to all social media. There is no control. You control to which social media you publish.
You need approval from Thunderclap for your message (minimum 24 hours approval time). Publish anything you like, with no approval time.
Supporters get an email when the message is published. Supporters get an email when a message gets scheduled. And another email the day before publication.
Supporters can only opt-out when they don't want to share a message. Supporters can reject a message, or personalize it before publication.
Publish to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Publish to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.
Supporter insights only with paid plans. Supporter insights always available.

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