Looking for an alternative for Thunderclap?

Crowdspeaking is a way to use the power of word-of-mouth by aggregating your ambassadors' social media reach. It helps you to break through the clutter and get your message heard. Although, Thunderclap and PostSpeaker both are powerful crowdspeaking tools, PostSpeaker has some valuable advantages compared to Thunderclap.

The most valuable advantages compared to Thunderclap

With Thunderclap, you have to recruit supporters for every single message. With PostSpeaker you can publish as many messages as you like to your supporters' social media. All at the same time on the date you chose.

At Thunderclap every campaign must be approved. PostSpeaker will always get your message published. Not only to Facebook and Twitter, as with Thunderclap, but also to Facebook pages, LinkedIn and LinkedIn company pages. Furthermore, it’s up to you to which of these social media you publish.

Last but not least, you save a lot of money. If you want approval within 24 hrs. and have a guaranteed message blast, at Thunderclap you pay at least $55 per message. With PostSpeaker pricing starts at $49 per month for as many messages as you like to publish. All plans come with a 30 days free trial. During this trial you can invite as many promoters as you like and publish to social media accounts that are connected. For more information about the plans, take a look at the pricing page.

PostSpeaker - the smart Thunderclap alternative

With PostSpeaker your supporters can donate their social voice for a single message or multiple messages. All they have to do is opt in once, and you're ready to go viral. While you have full control over content and timing, they maintain control over what is being published on their social media. They can view, customize or reject every scheduled message.

This is how it works

  1. Invite. Invite your promoters to join your promotion team and opt in their social media accounts. They can easily opt out at any time.
  2. Compose & schedule. Choose your promoter team, select the social network(s) you want to post to and compose your message. By scheduling your posts ahead, you give your promoters time to view, edit of reject any scheduled message.
  3. Publish. Your messages gets automatically published to LinkedIn (company pages), Twitter and Facebook (pages). If a promoter rejects a message, it won't get published to his or her account(s).
  4. Analyse. Understand exactly who is sharing or rejecting your content, and which social networks drive most traffic to your website.

The easiest and most effective way to get your content shared

PostSpeaker is the only social media sharing tool that posts your content automatically to the social media accounts of your ambassadors. With PostSpeaker you harness the power of word-of-mouth and save money, time and frustration.

How our clients benefit from PostSpeaker

Our customers also use PostSpeaker as a marketing tool for their WOM campaigns, employee advocacy or brand ambassador programs and as an alternative for paid promotion. HR professionals and recruiters use our social sharing tool for their employee referral programs.

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